Parts manufacturing

Our main activity is long CNC turning, the production of high-precision parts and their assembly on demand.

CNC long turning

A major advantage of this type of production is that the machining of the counter-side is carried out simultaneously with the machining of the main side so that the production time is much shorter.

Other advantages:
– it allows continuous production (in the case of double-sided machining, it can produce the finished part without human intervention);
– production downtimes can be minimised;
– large quantities can be produced with shorter cycle times;
– less vibration due to 2 pcs. supports (workpiece), thus: more stable and loadable machine, more precise (low tolerance parts can be produced), and also tool life is increased;
– additional operations can be omitted (e.g. grinding, milling, deburring) – allowing the part to be produced from a single process step to a finished part.

Our main profile is batch production from 500 pieces to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Machining of three-metre threads of material from 3mm to 22mm. Due to the machine system, we manufacture parts of rotating bodies, such as shafts, bushings, etc., including shaping, threading, drilling, reaming, milling, rolling, and positioning holes.

CNC turning

Turning is currently the most common type of machining, performed with a single-edged tool – usually with the workpiece rotating in a main motion. The secondary motion is performed by the tool (a single-edged, relatively simple cutting knife) in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the main motion – creating a rotating surface.

CNC technology also automates tool change and workpiece movement. This reduces the time required for changeover. The use of computers also allows simultaneous and non-linear movements along several axes, which cannot be done manually. From fibre material, diameter 20mm to 43mm, from chopped raw material, even from pre-production up to 120mm diameter, from small series to medium series (from 10 pieces to tens of thousands of pieces), we can satisfy the customer’s needs.


Grinding is a machining operation using a tool with an irregular edge geometry, in which the main rotary movement is always performed by the tool with an indefinite edge.

Grinding can produce highly accurate, smooth and even mirror-like surfaces. It is mainly a finishing operation, but high-performance grinding machines are also suitable for roughing or roughing operations. Our taper-less slab grinding machine performs through-feed grinding of external surfaces up to 4mm-40mm in diameter, and up to 300mm in length.


Either using a target machine developed in-house

If the production process requires the post-processing of parts, whether it be deburring, washing, or packaging, we have a solution for that too. We also carry out technological tasks in our factory. These tasks are mainly carried out manually, but we can also use tools, equipment and machines of our own design and manufacture.


Partial or complete assembly of components on request

We can undertake partial or complete assembly of parts manufactured by us or supplied by the customer, according to the customer’s requirements.


Instrum Ltd.

We specialize in the manufacture of small, high precision, high-quality, medium to large series machined products.


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