Instrum Kft. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company established in 1989 with its headquarters in Tököl, Pest County, Hungary. The owner and managing director is Mrs. György Ferenc Szilágyi. Our main activity is long CNC turning assembly, if requested, of the parts we manufacture. We are a specialized turning parts manufacturer. In our 1000 m² workshop, 34 employees support the production with appropriate specialist experience and qualifications.

We manufacture CNC turned metal or plastic parts according to our profile for the following industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Renewable energy sector
  • Plastics industry
  • Hydraulics (hydraulic equipment)
  • Pneumatics (pneumatic equipment)
  • Electronics industry
  • Manufacture of food processing machinery (household appliance parts)
  • Health care sector (medical instruments and devices)

Operations that do not fit into our scope of activity (e.g. heat treatment, electroplating, etc.) are carried out by qualified subcontractors. As raw materials for lathe machining we use steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass, industrial plastics (POM, PEEK) available in rods of Ø3-Ø23 mm. Our turning parts production output can range from 500 pcs. to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Our customers are market leaders of their branch, with significant share in the automotive industry, and we are manufacturing for the market of this fast developing and changing industry as well. We are constantly evolving to meet stricter quality requirements and expectations. This enabled for us to succeed in other industries as well. At the heart of our economic policy established by the Company owner is the continuous development of the machine pool. In the last ten years, taking advantage of various applications for subventions, we have managed to purchase machine tools worth €1,300 thousand. We strive to make our way on the market with a state-of-the-art machine pool.

We strive to meet the expectations of our clients to the maximum.

  • with 30 years professional experience
  • with our continuous high quality production
  • with on-time delivery
  • with quick reaction times
  • with our modern, state-of-the-art machine pool
  • with flexible collaboration and communication
  • with continuous improvement and developments

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