Developments and applications

We are currently implementing some projects using our own resources.


Introduction of a new, modern production management system

Renovation of the packaging room

Renovation of the Quality Control Office

Renovation of the tools workshop and warehousea


Installation of an own developed single-purpose machine and purchase of Mitutoyo BH305 coordinate measuring machine

Purchase and installation of STAR SR20J and STAR SR20JN long CNC turning

Renovation of the factory hall, complete roof and window replacement

Meeting room and dining room set-up

Implementation of a new office area and purchasing of a Matrix Max automatic tool dispenser


From 2018, the company has developed based on its own resources


Purchase of machinery

Equipment Funding Value
1 pc STAR SR-20J long CNC turning 66,33% subvention,
33,68 % own funds
HUF 37,357,807
1 db STAR SB-20R Hossz. CNC eszterga HUF 33,407,657
Within the frame of Irinyi Plan 2018
Total project: HUF70,765,464
Subvention: HUF46,944,084


2 pcs. YCM GT 200 MA CNC lathe

Project name Source
2 pcs. YCM GT 200 MA CNC lathe 50% subvention, 50% own funds
2014 KMOP-1.2.1.-13/B-2013-0095
Total project: HUF39,929,580
Subvention: HUF19,964,790


The first CNC slide lathes funded from subventions have arrived

Equipment Funding Value
1 pc. STAR SR-20J long CNC turning 35% subvention
20% own funds
45% loan
1 pc. STAR SR-20R long CNC turning HUF37,050,000
1 pc. Mitutoyo contour measuring device HUF5,996,000
1 pc. TESA altitude meter HUF610,000
1 pc. Mitutoyo surface-roughness tester HUF780,000
1 pc. computer and 1 pc. printer HUF348,000
2011 KMOP-1.2.1.-11/B-2011-0001
Total value HUF78,425,000
Total project HUF78,425,000
Total subvention HUF27,455,470


Instrum Kft. became the Supplier of the Year

Dear colleagues,
Instrum Kft. was established in 1989, but was indirectly manufacturing since 1975 (under the auspices of MIKÖV) for Kecskemét SZIM, then for KNORR Bremse (abbreviated: KB). The Best Supplier award was founded by KB. It is awarded each year to suppliers who meet KB’s expectations: on-time deliveries, quality products and reasonable prices. Instrum Kft. won this distinguished award in 2010 based on its performance in the category of metal parts suppliers. During our long career, we have never managed to win this honorable award once again. Therefore, it is with special pride that we can now report about this achievement. Maintaining the quality standards is very important in the future, as the survival will be more and more difficult in the global environment increasingly characterized by economic crisis. Getting purchase orders that are so important to us, and thus securing our jobs, can only be achieved through disciplined and accurate work. Not only the company management has an important role to play in this work, but you, dear colleagues, have a significant share as well.


Teljes műhely belső felújítás. Műgyantázás és festés

Equipment Funding Value
3 pcs. YCM GT200MA CNC lathe 30% subvention
20% own funds
50% loan
3 pcs. computers HUF600,000
Paint HUF1,500,000
Synthetic resin coating HUF3,600,000
2008 KMOP-1.2.1-08/B-2008-0008
Total value HUF55,500,000
Total project HUF55,500,000
Total subvention HUF16,600,000


Mrs. György Ferenc Szilágyi takes over the management of the company


In 1996 Instrum Kft. purchased a new site. Production is currently done here.


1990: Instrum Kft. starts its operation.


In December 1989 Mr. György Szilágyi established Instrum Kft.


György Szilágyi was born on 13 December 1939, on Saint Lucy's Day, in Tököl. He attended primary school in his native town. He received his secondary school leaving certificate from the Piarist High School in Kecskemét. Kecskemét was an important milestone in his life. He later returned there as a businessman, since one of his greatest clients was SZIM Kecskemét, then Knorr-Bremse (with its local representative headquartered in the same city). On 7 June 1958, he received his secondary school leaving certificate, and starting from 23 June 1958 he was already working at Csepel Automobile Factory (CSA) (Budapest). He immediately endeavored in several activities: was a full-time employee, enrolled in a vocational training school (lathing specialty), and became a key figure of the Basketball Team of CSA. By 1961 he was already a skilled latheman.

From 1963 to 1965 he studied at the Metallurgical Technical High School, but due to his long-term illness and family problems, and after the High School moved from Budapest to Dunaújváros, he failed to get a diploma. However, the knowledge acquired during the two years study remained in his head. His first job at CSA was also decisive. He worked in several fields, e.g. lathing, technical drawing, material testing, and also worked on innovation projects related to power-assisted steering (servo-control). He learned everything he could beneficially use in his later business. The professional literature was in his mind, and the physical skills in his hands. A real handyman, who knew the behavior of materials, the working principle of machinery and electric motors, who also loved and enjoyed working with wood. He made a boat, beds and cabinets for himself and his family. His hobby was not only woodworking, fishing, previously sports, but lathe machining was also his favorite pastime activity. He shared his knowledge with other people. Whoever recognized his helpful, forward-looking teachings, could still benefit from them.

He innovated, invented and implemented. 'He created.'

He established Instrum Kft. in December 1989, which he managed until December 2006.